Chi Zhang

Email: chiz, followed by @MIT.EDU

Chi completed his BS in Chemistry from Peking University in China in 2012. After obtaining his Ph.D. in Chemical Biology in the Pentelute lab at MIT Chemistry Department, he joined the Boyden lab in 2017 as a postdoctoral fellow (co-mentored with Prof. Pentelute). Chi is interested in developing new chemistry approaches to precisely and accurately profile complex biological systems.


Expansion microscopy of C. elegans

eLife | 2020

Yu CJ, Barry NC, Wassie AT, Sinha A, Bhattacharya A, Asano S, Zhang C, Chen F, Hobert O, Goodman MB, Haspel G, Boyden ES (2020) Expansion microscopy of C. elegans, eLife 9:e46249.