Tay Shin

Email: tayshin, followed by @mit.edu

Tay Shin, while a graduate student in the Synthetic Neurobiology Group at MIT, developed new methods for visualizing brain circuitry through lipid staining and expansion microscopy imaging. While at UC Berkeley, he pursued various statistical modeling research projects, and after graduation, he spent two years working as a data scientist for South Korean government agencies, where he created an econometrics machine learning model that eventually saved the South Korean government 200 million dollars.


A marmoset brain cell census reveals regional specialization of cellular identities

Science Advances | 2023

Krienen FM, Levandowski KM, Zaniewski H, Del Rosario RCH, Schroeder ME, Goldman M, Wienisch M, Lutservitz A, Beja-Glasser VF, Chen C, Zhang Q, Chan KY, Li KX, Sharma J, McCormack D, Shin TW, Harrahill A, Nyase E, Mudhar G, Mauermann A, Wysoker A, Nemesh J, Kashin S, Vergara J, Chelini G, Dimidschstein J, Berretta S, Deverman BE, Boyden E, McCarroll SA, Feng G (2023) A marmoset brain cell census reveals regional specialization of cellular identities, Science Advances 9(41):eadk3986.

Expansion Microscopy of Lipid Membranes

bioRxiv | 2019

Emmanouil D. Karagiannis*, Jeong Seuk Kang*, Tay Won Shin, Amauche Emenari, Shoh Asano, Leanne Lin, Emma K. Costa, IMAXT Grand Challenge Consortium, Adam H. Marblestone, Narayanan Kasthuri, Edward S. Boyden (2019) Expansion Microscopy of Lipid Membranes, bioRxiv 829903. (*, equal contribution)