Manos Karagiannis

Manos completed his PhD at Johns Hopkins University on angiogenesis and the extracellular matrix, and then a postdoc in the Langer and Anderson labs at MIT working on methods to identify and create novel organ- and cell-penetrating chemicals. As a research scientist in the Synthetic Neurobiology group, he worked on new technologies for mapping and controlling brain circuitry. He then went to work for a biotechnology startup company.


Expansion Microscopy of Lipid Membranes

bioRxiv | 2019

Emmanouil D. Karagiannis*, Jeong Seuk Kang*, Tay Won Shin, Amauche Emenari, Shoh Asano, Leanne Lin, Emma K. Costa, IMAXT Grand Challenge Consortium, Adam H. Marblestone, Narayanan Kasthuri, Edward S. Boyden (2019) Expansion Microscopy of Lipid Membranes, bioRxiv 829903. (*, equal contribution)