Adam Marblestone

In his PhD as a Hertz Fellow in Biophysics at Harvard, with George Church and colleagues, Adam co-authored experimental and theoretical papers on molecular recording devices and road-mapped approaches for whole-brain mapping. He also participated in the development of new epigenomic readout technologies, genome engineering methods, nano-fabrication methods and nano-manipulation systems. More recently, he co-authored papers analyzing our understanding of cortical computation, seeking strategies to integrate deep learning and neuroscience, and proposing new designs for neural interfaces. In his work with Ed Boyden at MIT, he helped to initiate the field of optical connectomics using the combination of expansion microscopy, in-situ sequencing, and machine learning. At MIT, he was an investigator on an IARPA-funded project to map the neural connectome through in-situ sequencing of RNA barcodes. Prior to his work in brain science, Adam studied quantum nonlocality, showing how quantum entanglement can exponentially enhance certain forms of distributed computation, and assisted in the early development of caDNAno, a graphical software tool for design of 3D DNA origami nanostructures, now the standard for the field of structural DNA nanotechnology. He is also a co-founder of BioBright, a company aiming to create a "smart lab" to improve biological experimentation, and a scientific advisor to the Open Philanthropy Project and to OccamzRazor. Dr. Marblestone has also co-taught courses at the MIT Media Lab on Revolutionary Ventures: How to Invent and Deploy Transformative Technologies, and Cognitive Integration.


Dense, Continuous Membrane Labeling and Expansion Microscopy Visualization of Ultrastructure in Tissues

bioRxiv | 2024

Tay Won Shin, Hao Wang*, Chi Zhang*, Bobae An, Yangning Lu, Elizabeth Zhang, Xiaotang Lu, Emmanouil D Karagiannis, Jeong Seuk Kang, Amauche Emenari, Panagiotis Symvoulidis, Shoh Asano, Leanne Lin, Emma K Costa; IMAXT Grand Challenge Consortium; Adam H Marblestone, Narayanan Kasthuri, Li-Huei Tsai, Edward S Boyden (2024) Dense, Continuous Membrane Labeling and Expansion Microscopy Visualization of Ultrastructure in Tissues, bioRxiv 2024.03.07.583776; doi: (*, equal contribution)

Expansion Sequencing: Spatially Precise In Situ Transcriptomics in Intact Biological Systems

Science | 2021

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Expansion Microscopy of Lipid Membranes

bioRxiv | 2019

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Nanoscale imaging of RNA with expansion microscopy

Nature Methods | 2016

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Spatial information in large-scale neural recordings

Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience | 2015

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Physical principles for scalable neural recording

Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience | 2013

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Statistical analysis of molecular signal recording

PLoS Computational Biology | 2013

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