Philip Low

Philip Low is Chairman, Chief Scientific and Chief Executive Officer of NeuroVigil, Inc., Adjunct Professor at Stanford School of Medicine, and a Research Affiliate at the Salk Institute. He completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Chicago where he studied Mathematics, Neuroscience, and Physics. At Harvard Medical School, Philip showed that compound H, a collagen Type I Inhibitor, could neutralize the growth of fibroid tumors. At the Salk Institute, Philip obtained his Ph.D. for developing the SPEARS algorithm, solving a longstanding problem in brainwave analysis, and challenging our understanding of brainwaves during sleeping and awake states in humans and across species. His work has been featured in technical and popular articles including The MIT Technology Review, CNN, The New Scientist, The Economist, The New York Times, etc. and has garnered awards from the National Science Foundation, Merck Co., The Ray Thomas Edwards and Kavli Foundations for Innovative Research, as well as five awards from the Sloan and Swartz Foundations. To bring his innovations to the market, Philip founded NeuroVigil, Inc., an award-winning wireless neurodiagnostics company comprising several Nobel laureates and founders of Fortune 500 companies. The company won the 2008 annual Draper Fisher Jurvetson 250K Venture Challenge and the UCSD50K Entrepreneurship Competition, amongst other honors.