Nava Shmoel David

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Nava Shmoel David received a B.Sc in Electrical Engineering from Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art, Israel, a M.Sc and Ph.D in the multidisciplinary field of Nanotechnology and Neurobiology from the department of Neurobiology, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. In her graduate work, she focused on the development of breakthrough in vitro and in vivo multi-electrode-array (MEA) platforms, that enable long-term, simultaneous, intracellular recordings and stimulation of synaptic and action potentials from tens to hundreds of individual rodent neurons while the recording electrodes maintain extracellular positions. As a postdoctoral scholar in the Boyden and Desimone groups, she is interested in developing new techniques and applying them to the analysis of brain circuitry.