Kettner Griswold

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Kettner Griswold Jr. was born and raised in Bethesda, MD. Currently, Kettner is a graduate student working at the George Church lab at Harvard Medical School and with Ed Boyden at MIT. His current work focuses on developing new research tools in synthetic biology, specifically new ways to scale de novo DNA Synthesis, and whole proteome/metabolome readout strategies. Kettner is also an Emerging Leader in Biosecurity Fellow at UPMC and provides guidance where he can, on dual use implications of synthetic biology. Previously, Kettner was the Cofounder and CTO of Evolutionary Solutions, a biotechnology company developing a novel error-checked long-write DNA synthesis technology for rapid, cheap development cycles in synthetic biology. Kettner was also a Research Affiliate at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, where most of the technology development for Evolutionary Solutions was performed. In sophomore year of college, Kettner was awarded the Thiel Fellowship, and promptly stopped out of Georgia Tech. He went on to cofound Evolutionary Solutions with his roommate and fellow Thiel Fellow, Paul Sebexen. Prior to leaving college, Kettner was a Material Science and Engineering major, with a Biomaterials concentration. He led an iGEM team in 2011 developing a conjugating CRISPR-CAS plasmid as a strategy to counter antimicrobial resistance, and prior to college, performed independent research within the J. Craig Venter Institute's Synthetic Biology department.