Kat Titterton

Email: ktitter, followed by @mit.edu

Kat received a BA in Cellular Neuroscience and Mathematical Systems Biology from Colgate University, where she was also a member of the Track and Field team and competed in the 400 meter hurdles. After graduation she embarked on a post-bacc research venture at Massachusetts General Hospital using electrophysiological methods to elucidate the mechanisms of general anesthetics. She left academia to join AbbVie’s Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) early discovery R&D effort as a member of the Tau Pathobiology team, where she used microfluidic cell culture models to rapidly recapitulate tau propagation in vitro and identify therapeutic candidates that slow the progression of AD. As a Technical Associate in the Synthetic Neurobiology Group, she supported expansion microscopy projects to further interrogate the pathophysiology of neurodegenerative disease, and the development of novel diagnostic techniques for early disease detection. Outside of work, she is an FFI certified freediver, and enjoys creating both digital and fluid art.