Jeannie Stamberger

Dr. Stamberger's work focuses on making basic research actionable. Her career spans basic research in biology and computer science, international development, and business. In biology research, her work focuses on adaptive responses to climate variability; an increasingly relevant topic as ongoing climate change is associated with higher frequencies of extreme weather events. Collaborations in basic research with computer science resulted practical, discipline-agnostic inventions that reduce time from data collection to scientific insight, such as "ButterflyNet", a physical notebook electronically searchable in space, time and topic. Similarly, she co-authored "Tweak The Tweet", a protocol that formalizes processing and sharing of information during natural disasters in a manner that seamlessly melds with normal Twitter communication pattern; it has gone on to be deployed in 40+ natural disasters. She has worked as a co-author of the ResilientAfrica Net program and RAN Director of Innovation, to use technology to increase resilience in sub-Saharan Africa, a $25M USAID project. Along the same vein, she held adjunct faculty positions in the area of in technology and disaster response at Tulane University and Carnegie Mellon University, NASA Ames Research Park. Currently, she is the CEO/Founder of The AmaZone, a boutique consulting firm to manage the sales channels for manufacturers selling direct to consumers. Dr. Stamberger received her doctorate in Biological Sciences from Stanford University. She has been a PI on an NSF grant on Augmented Reality research and received NSF Graduate Fellowship funding. Prior to that she attended Illinois Wesleyan University, University of Illinois and Oxford University, Pembroke College, among others.