Debarati Ghosh

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Debarati completed her PhD in the Department of Genetics at the University of Calcutta, India.  Her early career research work involved identifying genetic biomarkers for neurodevelopment, neurodegerative diseases, and cancer.  Before joining MIT, she worked at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory as a postdoctoral fellow.  During that time, she developed a new method to label genetic variants in tumor cells with anti-codon oligonucleotides, using sequencing-by-ligation chemistry on RNA.  Her long-term vision is to develop novel tools to identify genetic variants/regulators that are important in development and cancer.  She is currently working as a research scientist in the Synthetic Neurobiology group at MIT, where her research focuses on optimizing expansion microscopy and in situ sequencing, and applying such tools in normal and diseased brain tissue and cancer biopsies.