Christian Wentz

Christian, while a PhD student, explored development of minimally invasive neural interfaces for various diagnostic and therapeutic applications. His work was supported by the Hertz Foundation Myhrvold and Havranek Family Fellowship (2012) to pursue open-ended questions in the applied sciences. Prior to joining the lab as a graduate student, Christian earned an M.Eng in Electrical Science & Engineering and S.B. in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, both from MIT, and also working in the Synthetic Neurobiology group. He then went on to play early/founding-stage roles in a variety of ventures ranging from consumer healthcare (Misfit Wearables Corp., acquired by Fossil Group (NASDAQ: FOSL)) to medical devices (Cerenova, Inc.) and neuroscience R&D (Kendall Research Systems, LLC, a spinout of the Synthetic Neurobiology group). For his work in neurotechnology, Christian was named to the inaugural Forbes 30 Under 30 list in Science & Innovation (2011). After finishing up research in the Boyden lab, Christian sold spinout company KRS to Kernel, and joined Kernel as a vice president.


A direct-to-drive neural data acquisition system

Frontiers in Neural Circuits | 2015

Kinney, J.P., Bernstein, J.G., Meyer, A.J., Barber, J.B., Bolivar, M., Newbold, B., Scholvin, J., Moore-Kochlacs, C., Wentz, C.T., Kopell, N.J., Boyden, E.S. (2015) A direct-to-drive neural data acquisition system, Frontiers in Neural Circuits 9:46.